5 Gift Ideas For Your Chef Friend

It has probably arrived the time to finally surprise your chef friend with a gift that matches his mouth-watering talent. This is your chance to return the many delightful dishes your friend cooked you with a present that applies to his lifestyle. It seems not that difficult a duty to complete, is it? However, when you enter the shop it seems as if nothing is personal enough, or different enough, to be the right present. The job gets even more frustrating when you ponder the possibility of your friend already having that specific kitchen item. Nonetheless, you don’t want to get too far from kitchen presents as you probably want your mate to use it on a daily basis.

There’s no reason for despair still because the market provides a wide range of unique and indispensable cooking items. With a teaspoon of research, you’ll, undoubtedly, find a less conventional yet useful kitchen gift. Here, we want to give you hand in the decision-making process, and enlist some gift alternatives to surprise your passionate cook.

  • Cuisinart’s CEK-40 Electric Knife   This cordless electric knife is the best shortcut to an easier slicing, filleting, or carving any type of meat you can think of. Our top choice is a high-end model that provides extended safety features, such as safety locks on blades and two removable blades, one for meat cutting, other for bread.
  • Microplane Premium Classic Zester Grater There’s no kitchen lover who doesn’t like to zest foods and explore the raw aromas they deliver. This premium zester is a stainless steel, dishwasher-friendly kitchen item, easy-to-handle, and with non-scratch end pieces. Your friend can zest anything from citrus to parmesan and grate spices.
  • Knife Sharpening Stone Kit Sharpening the most common kitchen tool is the indulgence of many chefs. You can surprise your friend with a professional sharpening stone kit that he can use safely and easily. Moreover, as many professional cooks say, there’s no other activity that relaxes their minds than sharpening the knives at the end of a busy day.
  • Traditional Japanese Copper Pan  Your buddy doesn’t necessarily have to be a Japanese cuisine fan to receive in awe a traditional pan. With a stylish, wooden handle, this copper pan guarantees longevity and tasty dishes. Even though the sky is the limit, this pan is mostly recommended for omelet due to the large space that allows easy rolling.
  • Kitchen Butane Torch This versatile kitchen tool is an indispensable update to the countertop. Starting from BBQing to baking Brulee and creams, your friend will have the chance to explore all how he can enhance the dishes’ taste. The model provides a button to adjust the temperature, a safety lock, and an ignition button that can be regulated to a continuously flame mode.

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