5 Gift Ideas For Your Chef Friend

It has probably arrived the time to finally surprise your chef friend with a gift that matches his mouth-watering talent. This is your chance to return the many delightful dishes your friend cooked you with a present that applies to his lifestyle. It seems not that difficult a duty to complete, is it? However, when you enter the shop it seems as if nothing is personal enough, or different enough, to be the right present. The job gets even more frustrating when you ponder the possibility of your friend already having that specific kitchen item. Nonetheless, you don’t want to get too far from kitchen presents as you probably want your mate to use it on a daily basis.

There’s no reason for despair still because the market provides a wide range of unique and indispensable cooking items. With a teaspoon of research, you’ll, undoubtedly, find a less conventional yet useful kitchen gift. Here, we want to give you hand in the decision-making process, and enlist some gift alternatives to surprise your passionate cook.

  • Cuisinart’s CEK-40 Electric Knife   This cordless electric knife is the best shortcut to an easier slicing, filleting, or carving any type of meat you can think of. Our top choice is a high-end model that provides extended safety features, such as safety locks on blades and two removable blades, one for meat cutting, other for bread.
  • Microplane Premium Classic Zester Grater There’s no kitchen lover who doesn’t like to zest foods and explore the raw aromas they deliver. This premium zester is a stainless steel, dishwasher-friendly kitchen item, easy-to-handle, and with non-scratch end pieces. Your friend can zest anything from citrus to parmesan and grate spices.
  • Knife Sharpening Stone Kit Sharpening the most common kitchen tool is the indulgence of many chefs. You can surprise your friend with a professional sharpening stone kit that he can use safely and easily. Moreover, as many professional cooks say, there’s no other activity that relaxes their minds than sharpening the knives at the end of a busy day.
  • Traditional Japanese Copper Pan  Your buddy doesn’t necessarily have to be a Japanese cuisine fan to receive in awe a traditional pan. With a stylish, wooden handle, this copper pan guarantees longevity and tasty dishes. Even though the sky is the limit, this pan is mostly recommended for omelet due to the large space that allows easy rolling.
  • Kitchen Butane Torch This versatile kitchen tool is an indispensable update to the countertop. Starting from BBQing to baking Brulee and creams, your friend will have the chance to explore all how he can enhance the dishes’ taste. The model provides a button to adjust the temperature, a safety lock, and an ignition button that can be regulated to a continuously flame mode.

Santa Barbara City

Santa Barbara is an American city that is located in Santa Barbara County, California. The city is situated between the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Ynez Mountains. It covers an area of forty-one square miles and has a population of ninety thousand residents. Santa Barbara is a popular resort and tourist destination and is sometimes called “America’s Riviera”. Its economy is diverse and strong and is represented by education, tourism, finance, agriculture, manufacturing and technology. Education in the city is provide by five institutions of higher learning which include the Brooks Institute of Photography, University of California at Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara City College, Antioch University and Westmont College. The transportation needs of the city are serviced by Santa Barbara Airport and Amtrak.

The history of the area on which Santa Barbara rests can be traced back thirteen thousand years when it was inhabited by the Chumash tribe. When the Spanish missionaries arrived in the area, there were over one hundred Chumash villages with a population of eighteen thousand people. In the 1780s, El Presidio and the Mission were established. Thus began the Christianization of the natives and colonization of the area. The Spanish ruled the area until 1822, when the territory of California became a Mexican territory. In 1846, Santa Barbara was taken in the name of the United States by Colonel John Fremont. Between 1830 and 1865, a strong agricultural and ranching industry developed in the area. After the end of the Civil War, Santa Barbara went through several significant changes. The city began to switch from Spanish Colonial style homes to Victorians. The city also developed a healthy trade industry that was enhanced by the influx of goods and people from the east. In 1925, the city is rocked by a huge earthquake. This earthquake destroyed most of the Victorian homes. The only homes that withstood the quake was the Spanish Colonials. As a result, an ordinance was passed to make downtown Santa Barbara more in the Spanish Colonial stye. After the earthquake, the city went through an extensive boom period and emerged as a modern community from its agricultural roots.

Today, the city is a well known tourist destination that is visited year round. It is known for its fair weather, Spanish architecture and downtown beaches. Tourism brings in over a billion dollars a year into the city, a figure which includes eighty million dollars in tax revenue. A popular attraction in the city is Mission Santa Barbara. This Spanish Franciscan mission was founded in December of 1786 on the feast day of Saint Barbara. It was consecrated by Father Fermín Lasuen. Santa Barbara Mission is the only mission to have remained under the control of Franciscan Friars since its inception. Another popular attraction in the city is the Santa Barbara County Courthouse. This courthouse was designed by William Mooser and built in 1929. Its done in the Spanish Colonial Revival style and occupies an entire city block. The courthouse is made up of four building which have a total area of one hundred and fifty thousand square feet. It features a jail wing (which is no longer in use) and an eighty five foot clock tower called El Mirador. The facade of the building has two figures on thrones. In between them is a Spanish inscription which reads “DIOS NOS DIO LOS CAMPOS ARTE HVMANA EDIFICO CIVDADES”. This tranlates into English as “God gave us country, the skill of man built the cities”.

Another prominent attraction in the city is the Santa Barbara Zoo. This zoo is situated on thirty acres and was originally known as the Child’s Estate Zoo. Santa Barbara Zoo has earned numerous awards for being the best small zoo in the country. It contains five hundred animals taken from one hundred and sixty species in its exhibits. These include African black-footed cat, Channel Island Fox, West African Guinea Hog, Snow Leopard, Asian small-clawed Otter, Navajo-Churro Sheep, Amur Leopard, Crested Porcupine, Slender-tailed Meerkat, Asian Elephant and San Clemente Island Goats.

The Santa Barbara Museum of Art is another attraction that is popular among visitors to the city. This museum was founded in 1941 and is located in the downtown area of the city at 1130 State Street. Its permanent collection includes American, European and Asian art that spans the last four thousand years. Items in its collection includes musical instruments, Pre-Columbian Art, seventeenth century doll collections, African Art and American paintings. Current exhibitions include “Poets, Courtiers, and Lovers: Allusions to the Classical Past in Japanese Woodblock Prints”, “Diana Thater: Butterflies and Other People” and “California Calling: Works from Santa Barbara Collections, 1948 – 2008”. Artists represented by its collection include Albert-Ernest Carrier- Belleuse, Pierre Bonnard, Jules Bastien-Lepage, Berthe Marie Paul Morisot, Henri Matisse, Auguste Rene Francois Rodin, George Wesley Bellows, Albert Bierstadt, Thomas W. Eakins, John Frederick Peto, Frederic Remington, Bo Bartlett, Lawrence Gipe, Miriam Schapiro, Hung Liu and Alison Saar.

Other attractions in the city of Santa Barbara include The Grapeline Santa Barbara, Wine Edventures Wine Tour, Sustainable Vine Wine Tours, Market Forays, Segway of Santa Barbara, Casa de la Guerra, Natural History Museum, Stearns Wharf, Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, Andree Clark Bird Refuge, Santa Barbara Land Shark, Karpeles Manuscript Library, Santa Barbara Winery, Chase Palm Park, Nojoqui Falls County Park, Ty Warner Sea Center, Susan Quinlan Doll & Teddy Bear Museum & Library, Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum, Lobero Theatre, Rattlesnake Canyon Trail, Casa del Herrero, El Presidio de Santa Barbara State Historic Park, Carriage & Western Art Museum, Santa Barbara Maritime Museum, Convict Lake, El Capitan Lake, Chumash Painted Cave State Historic Park, Arlington Theatre, Float Luxury Spa, Santa Barbara Backroads, Alameda Park, Douglas Family Preserve, Hendry’s Beach, Leadbetter Beach, Alice Keck Park Memorial Gardens, De La Guerra Plaza, Gould Park, Shoreline Park, Skofield Park, East Beach, West Beach, Elings Park and Butterfly Beach. The city of Santa Barbara also contains many restaurants and hotels, as well as beautiful golf courses and great shopping venues.